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“Although young, with her years of experience in the industry, she is very capable in terms of the song that she is able to perform. She can handle both oldies and pop song very well.” 

Whaye is one of Right Tone Music’s lead vocalist who sings and provide vocal class for living. In 2012, she completed the Trinity Guildhall Certificate in singing Grade 6 with distinction. She has 6 years of experience in event performance and functions. In this industry, talent alone is certainly not enough, hence, they must constantly practice, rehearse, study, learn and unlearn just to improve their technique, style, and performance. This would be her daily routine. 

Prior to this, she participated in TV2 CNY programme, NTV7 programme “开心就好” and was also featured in Local Music Award (娱协奖) opening ceremony. Apart from this, she also recorded a Chinese New Year album with a local artist (刘燕燕).

To Whaye, singing is not just for fun and recreational purpose, she sings for a living and you can definitely trust her professionalism in performing.

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