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Steven, Right Tone Music's Keyboardist and Guitarist cum Vocalist. He is the youngest musician in Right Tone Music who has skill of playing both keyboard and guitar, not to mention, he sings as well.


Starting to work very hard and join singing competition at his very young age finally got him to win his first contract with HALO FOREST performing team and also one of 大石 (under 滚石) copyright publisher. He also got few prizes related to singing as well like:

<Wenmin Cafe弹唱比赛> Champion

<i melody歌唱大赛> First Runner up

<超级经典歌曲歌唱大赛> First runner up, and still counting.


He also released his debut album at the year 2013 - <"S.A.D ">, he also one of the producers of his own debut album.

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