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KELVIN LIEW  +6016 778 5723

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Right Tone Music Studio @ Signature Park, Kota Damansara

Q: How can I make a reservation?
A: Go to “Contact us”, send us an email, after we confirm we are available, next step is bank in 50% deposit


Q: Why do I need to make a reservation that early? As it is still quite a distance from my wedding reception / event.
A: Due to the established market we already have as professional performers, we require your kind co-operation to make your reservations beforehand as reservations from other customers will keep coming in at the same time. Do grab your opportunity as soon as possible, especially as the slots run out faster during peak seasons.

Q: How long is the performance duration?
A: The standard duration would be 2 sets of 45 minutes, of course adding a few songs would not cost extra payment.


Q: How many songs do you perform? 
A: We measure by performance duration rather than the number of songs performed, 2 sets of 45 minutes consist around 20-25 songs.


Q: Upon booking your live band, what services are included? 

1. You will be able to request us to play 1st and 2nd march in song for you
2. 2 sets of 45 minutes
3. Our advice on song selection for your event (according to your event theme)
4. We can even play for your guest to perform


Q: Do we need to provide meals for the band?
A: The band will arrive at the event venue at 5.30 pm, hence providing dinner for us is necessary.


Q: Do we need to provide transportation fee and accommodation for the band?
A: Other than places outside of Klang Valley, transportation fee and accommodation are not required. Even so, we would often travel to and fro for outstation venues as well.


Q: Will the performance be too loud?
A: This differs according to your preference of music type and volume levels. You may have your choice and we will give our very best to fulfill it.


Q: I am in a tight budget,  but I would like your band to perform, what should iI do?
A: We will do our best to provide you with the best package which fits your financial capability. If it is a low-cost budget, first you would need to make your reservation together with deposit. Or, you can make your selection of packages. Right Tone Music provides a great deal of services, including musical equipment rental, venue decoration set-up, photography and videography packages, emcee, etc. Therefore making Right Tone Music your executive organizer for your events will definitely be worth the pay by the end of the day. 




答:您可以到 “Contact us”,发电邮给我们,确定了日期有空档,我们就会回复您并且收总额的五十巴仙。





答: 一般上都是两段四十五分钟,当然多加几首歌是没有额外收费的。

答: 通常我们是算时间的长度而非歌曲的数量,一般上两段四十五分钟大概是20-25首歌左右。



1. 我们为您唱您的入场歌曲
2. 两段四十五分钟
3. 配合您的活动或仪式主题,为您提出歌曲选唱的意见
4.  为您的表演嘉宾伴奏




答:除非是 Klang Valley 以外的区域,否则是不需要的。虽然如此,外坡的表演有时我们还是会一来一回。




答:我们会尽量的配合你们的预算来给你们最好的配套。如果要便宜,首先你要快下订金,要不然,就拿配套,怎么说呢? 因为Right Tone Music非常多的服务,例如租音响,场地布置,摄影配套,司仪,如果你让Right Tone Music 一手包办你的婚礼或活动,价钱最后肯定会让您满意的。

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