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''His playing is not only skillful, but musical as well"

- this is how the director of Right Tone Music describes Weng Wai.

You can walk around and find people whom is skilful, but among all the skilful people, not all of them are musical.

Right tone Music saxophonist, Weng Wai. The most musical and skilful saxophonist in town. He completed his Diploma in Music in Malaysian Institute of Art under a full scholarship, major in alto saxophone and minor in composition, studied under Mr. Julian Chan and Miss Yuan Leow Yun. He then furthered his studies in The Australian International Conservatorium of Music in Sydney under Mr. Paul Cutlan and Mr. Sean Coffin, whom was also under a full scholarship. 


Ever since Weng Wai returned to Malaysia, he has been playing with many local musicians at venues and events such as Alexis, No Black Tie, Dewan Philharmonic and ESG Jazz Festival. 


The years of 2013 and 2014 have been a great advancement in Weng Wai’s music career, as he ventured out internationally and took part in Jeff Chang’s (张信哲) world tour and also traveling all over the world with Chinese musical giant - Jonathan Lee (李宗盛) for his world tour under the direction of world renowned music director/arranger/pianist - Mr. Mac Chew. Well, I guess that's enough said of Weng Wai's achievement.

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