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An event without music will certainly lose its color and mood, book our band to fire up/bring colors to your event, as well as delivering the atmosphere and theme of the event based on your request. Whether you want it to be happening? Jazz kinda soft music? Oldies all night? Just tell us. 

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We often establish a first impression based on the things we see. Lighting plays an important role in your event, it determines the temperature, the mood, the tone, the theme of the event and you definitely don't wanna let your event go without a great lighting system. Having your own unique way of lighting will dramatically set the atmosphere and theme according to your preference.

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Sound system is definitely crucial as it determines the quality of the sound of your event, which includes singing, delivering speech, video and music playing. We provide PA system and broad variety of equipment including speakers, cabling, mixer and microphone at a very reasonable price, there is no reason to outsource PA system from other sound company.

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You can't run an event without a host, it will certainly go out of control. Hence you definitely need emcee. We have various kinds of Emcee for you, we have emcee who is cheerful for your wedding events, DJ for corporate events and various party and opening.  

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Planning your own event can be very frustrating and time consuming. Wedding deco? That’s even worse. Right Tone Music, we provide deco support ranging from wedding deco, ROM deco, dessert bar and photo booth as well. We got your back, don't worry.

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Right Tone Music also work closely with a production company called Oh Right Pictures, they shoot amazing films and videos. They provide services such as Wedding actual day shooting and pre wedding short film. Have your own love story short film is getting popular nowadays, and you definitely want to have one.

We understand it's your first time having a wedding event, just shoot us a message asking us anything regarding the wedding event, and we can walk you through the details, from wedding ceremony early in the morning, ROM till wedding reception and it’s totally free. If you still find it hard to coordinate on your own, just hire our planner and free yourself from all the hassle.

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