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“Sharon stays real all the time, she is talkative and is straight to the point, yet it doesn’t mean that she loses her respect for others. When you get to know her, you see how a girl puts all of her effort into performing and entertaining, music is more than just a job for her, it's her way of living."

Sharon, one of our vocalists who possesses a sweet and jazzy voice. Her music and entertainment career began at the age of 19 years old. She is versatile in performing various genre of repertoire and she covers a wide range of repertoire including Pop, Jazz, Classical, Rock and etc.

Sharon has been performing in different functions and events for 7 years. In year 2011 & 2013, she had the chance to perform in Gentling Highland’s VIP casino, leading her to a bigger stage and kick start her events and functions career. After that, she got to perform for Martell Chinese New year Event, Allianz Annual Dinner, OPPO R9s Launch Event, 2016 Genting Highland Premier Car Draw in Arena Of Star, IP Server Annual Dinner 2016, HP SEA-K Sales Leadership Kickoff 2017, Celebrity Session Cum Gala Dinner Of The Establishment Of Anmyna’s Malaysia Branch 2016, Launching Of 1st Bariatric Ambulance in Malaysia graced by the presence of Sultan of Selangor, Mudah. com Annual Dinner 2016, Dulux Professional Event 2016, Honda Coporate Dinner 2016, Kawasaki Annual Premium Dealers’ Gala Dinner & Award Presentation 2015, well I can continue all day long but I don’t want to make you sit and read only her past performing experience.. LOL


Apart from that, when she was 22 years old, she joined one of Malaysia’s popular singing contests, Astro Star Quest and took part in <童童欢乐园> Tong Tong‘s Wonderland. Her broadcast and entertainment career began with the creation of the character 小雪姐姐 (If you don’t mind you can try Google it) who hosted a children's program in Astro小太阳.

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