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"She never stops laughing, she is crazily energetic and cheerful”, this is how people describe her.


Right Tone Music vocalist, Masachika, born as a child star, she’s definitely superb in handling the stage & performs very well. She never fails to entertain the crowd and always bring happiness to people around her.


She is also a dancer, that’s why you will never see her sitting still, she jumps and around dances along with rhythm and music, ALL ...THE... TIME!


She has been performing in more than 30 event locations which range in variety, places like lounges, cafes, bistros, hotels, casinos. To name a few, there are Norse Bar near Bukit Bintang, Rocku in Pavillion, Scott Garden Sky Bar, Genting Highlands Casino and many more. At her young age of 22, she is considerably outstanding. She is also one of the TOP 20 in "The Voice" Malaysia audition.

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